Sleep well to protect your body and mind

Sleep well to protect your body and mind

Sleep well to protect your body and mind

Sleeping is an integral part of our life.

Our body mechanism requires a proper amount of sleep,especially at night.

Sleep serves to re-energize the body cells,clear waste from the brain and support learning and memory.

Sleeping plays vital role in regulating mood and appetite.

In fact,catching some sleep can dramatically improve learning. Research shows.

Sleep is very important for memory. If the brain is too tired, it can’t seem to focus or learn very well. Afterall, a tired brain will not even be able to focus on what needs to be learned. After you have learned something, the brain must do much work on that memory to make it stable.


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The brain will rehearse the new learning while sleeping – sleep strengthens the connections in the brain during sleep.

In fact,sleeping consolidate memory so that it can be remembered in the future.Sleeping helps store existing memory in the  long-term memory.

Sleeping well

Sleeping well

It is found that people who sleep after learning and practicing a new task remember more about it the next day than people who stay up all night after learning the same thing.

Sufficient sleep a night before a critical test can enhance our ability to be focused, while

a poor night sleep can hurt our ability to remember new things.

Sleeping is also involved in healing process and repair of our heart and blood vessels.

Adequate sleep helps sharpen the mind.

Research shows that a prolonged and regular sleep deprivation can kill our certain brain cells.We can lose our potential which will inhibit us function well.

At night, our brain produces certain chemicals that help to protect the nervous cells from damage.

Squandering time doing trivial things and having a chronic sleep deprivation cannot be a wise choice.

It is reported that Einstein slept for 10 hours daily. In our hectic life, it is not possible though.

If you are a student, get adequate sleep to get a sharp brain and intelligent mind.If you are a teacher, convey the message to your students.If you are parents, choice is yours.

Sleep well at night and  protect both your body and brain.

Keep growing –keep going.

Thank you….

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