Our body and self-limiting pain

Our body and self-limiting pain

Our body and self-limiting pain

How much do you know the cause of the pain in your body?

There is far less knowledge about the fact that about 90 percent of PAIN is self-limiting, and it is not always an indication of poor health.

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Many forms of pain have no underlying physical cause.

Most frequently, the PAIN is the result of tension, stress, worry, idleness,boredom, frustration, suppressed rage, insufficient sleep, overeating, poorly balanced diet, smoking, excessive drinking, inadequate exercise, stale air, or a host of the other abuses that the human body encounters in modern society.

The best way to eliminate pain is to eliminate the abuses. pain

Instead, we run after painkillers-aspirins, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and dozens of other medicines.

The earlier we understand the truth, the better we can cope with the pain in our body.

Everybody has pain in their body to some extent. But stress, anxiety, depression and other abuses worsen the pain to a large scale. It can take the form of a migraine-type headache or a squeezing pain deep in the abdomen or cramps(severe pain in stomach) or a pain in the lower back or even pain in the joints.

When almost 90 percent of pain in our body is self-limiting and is not the indication of poor health, what should be the result of pain-killers which we take in good faith and that we are ignorant of largely?

Since we are not aware of the cause of the pain in our body, we are not aware of the effect of pain-killers in our body. What is not generally understood is that many of the famous pain-killing drugs hide the pain without correcting the underlying condition.

They deaden the mechanism in the body that alerts the brain to the fact that something may be wrong.

The body can pay a high price if we constantly take pain-killers without removing its basic cause.

What we don’t know about pain-killers is that ,in some cases ,a small dose of pain-killers can cause internal bleeding, can hamper our digestive system and also can cause malnutrition.

Health is wealth. We cannot get a happy mind without a sound health.

Let’s remove the basic cause of the pain in our body. Let’s stop taking pain-killing medications without consulting our physician. Let’s do something to get rid of stress, tension, anxiety, depression and other abuses. Let’s educate ourselves about the relation between our body and mind. Let’s lead a happy life.

Source: Anatomy of an Illness by Norman Cousins

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